There's more than corn in Indiana...

...at In-di-ana Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach!

Yes, if you're not from 'round these parts, a place called "Indiana Beach" does exist and it has an amazing theme song.  I sang it all day long on Saturday and thoroughly annoyed my cousin, but what's new?

Saturday Nikki came up from Indy for a mandatory Cousin Fun Day!  She's from New Jersey originally and went to school in Rhode Island, so she had been sulking about how much she missed the beach.  {Cry me a river, huh?}  And then it hit me, while trying to defend my home state and its awesomeness, that WE HAVE OUR OWN KIND OF BEACH!  Take that, east coast states.  {I'll never claim our beach is better than their beach, but anything you can do, we can similarly recreate on a much smaller and less amazing scale.}  STILL!  Anything is fun if you make it so.
{Beware: you're about to be bombarded with my 'very excited' face... ye be warned.}

First stop, as always, coffee.
Nik is such a good sport for putting up with my picture taking.

After a little under an hour road trip {through the corn fields, ironically} we made it to the beach!
And awesome thing numero uno happened: since it was the last day for the park to be open this summer, admission was buy one get one free!  Holler!
The weather Saturday was absolutely PERF.  So gorgeous.  We got there shortly after they opened, so it was a little deserted at first, but that didn't stop us from running around excitedly yelling, "This is so awesome!"  Okay, maybe that was just me.

We started out with the Sky Ride {ski lift} to get a good view of the park.  I should also mention I hadn't been there since middle school.  Indiana Beach is kind of the thing, or at least used to be, to do during the summertime, and most central Indiana companies/factories have their annual picnics at the park.  Us Hoosiers, we work with what we got.
Sky Ride excitement.
{I was also able to wear, along with my scarf, my moccs for the first time this season.  I want to make out with you, Fall.}

Then we rode the Antique Car Ride.  Pretty much just like it sounds, you drive antique cars around a track. 
Nikki was super stoked to "drive."  There wasn't much driving to it, just the pedal to the metal.

Trying to be cool and pretending to give me a tour.  Umm yeah right.  I own this place.

A poster I loved on the boardwalk.

We also took a lovely ride on the Shafer Queen.  She's very reminiscent of the old-timey river boats.
Loved it.

Did I mention it was the most beautiful day ever??  Cause 'twas.

My fav.

We also rode the Ferris Wheel.
We were the only ones on it, too.  Pretty rad.

We rode some very rough roller coasters {whiplash!}, ate some hot dogs {I did, Nikki annoyingly kept reminding me that not one soul on earth knows exactly what's in a hot dog... big whoop}, we traveled through the den of lost theives and shot at targets and bags of gold {Nik beat me 400-some to 100-some, shameful}, and last but not least...

We snacked on the little dots from heaven.
I remember when Indiana Beach was the only place around that sold this stuff... whenever we came, I HAD to get some.  Now it's pretty much stocked anywhere, but of course I had to keep with tradition.  And it did not disappoint.  I just don't know what it is about those little dots, but they taste so yum!

It was so fun to relive some of my childhood memories!  And ride the roller coasters {I was terrified when I was younger}, but now I'm all, let's rattle them brains!   It was a great day and so fun to hang with my cuzzy wuzzy! 

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  1. PERF.
    take me here one day?
    can you believe 15 years in indiana and i haven't been there?
    i HAVE to go before i go.