wedding! : troy & marisa

A few weekends ago, we headed up north of Chicago for a special wedding.  Little Troy got married!  Well, he isn't so little anymore, duh.  Troy is the youngest of the Williard clan, the Sutherlins' bffs.  Our parents have been friends for probably almost close to 30 years.

The wedding was in the most adorable little riverfront town.
The entrance to the venue... there were restaurants and shops all around.  So quaint!

And the view from the windows behind the ceremony...
So pretty!

The ceremony was very sweet and very personal to Troy & Marisa.  I love when ceremonies are unique and include stories about the couple... it makes it that much more special.

The cutest flower girl there ever was... Johanna, Troy's neice.

And they're married!!

My mama and me at the ceremony.
We were both having great clothes days.

This was the reception, just upstairs from the ceremony...
The entire riverside wall was windows... it was gorgeous.

And a full outfit photo...
It was a dressing room, not a bathroom, so I don't feel as guilty.   Who am I kidding?  I'm a total shameless selfie addict.

And then there's these two...
Moms & Pops.  Love 'em.  Happy hearts, squinty eyes!

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